L'Enfant Montessori Preschool

L’Enfant is a Montessori and bilingual preschool.

It is a member of the American Montessori Society

A Unique Montessori & Bilingual Environment

L’Enfant was established by a group of educators and parents of the Washington DC region with a long experience in Montessori education and language learning in a full immersion setting.

Our goal is to offer families that join us an emotionally secure, peaceful, nurturing and academically excellent environment for their children.

Our bilingual and Montessori curriculum guides our students joyful learning quest so they reach their intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional potential within an inclusive and nurturing learning community.

Our unique educational philosophy combines language learning with Montessori education.

Students are immersed in language and culture while benefiting from the individualized, child-centered Montessori approach.

Both language learning and Montessori education develop children into curious independent learners.

This powerful combination develops students who are:

- bilingual and biliterate,

-prepared for the challenges of a globalized world and the rigors of upper grades and beyond.

Montessori Education

Our Primary Montessori Houses offer our students opportunities to develop and practice their concentration and coordination skills while also fostering their independence.

Through hands-on work in a carefully, intentionally designed, and prepared environment, our students develop autonomy, confidence, and a passion for learning.

These skills are essential to children - participating in the formation of their intelligent minds and building the foundation for their future success.

Bilingual children

At the same time, thanks to our full language immersion setting, our Primary Houses' students develop naturally - during these critical years for language learning -  a second language at a native-speaker competency level.

And research has shown that students who learn in a full immersion language setting achieve high levels of second-language proficiency but also acquire higher levels of English language skills and metalinguistic awareness—that is, the ability to think about how various parts of a language function.


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